ReFi Italy

TBD 2022

REFI Italia brings together activists, regenerative projects, mutual and sustainable fundings, and WEB3 players. 

REFI Italia is a community that explores the possibilities and the limits of blockchain for climate and social regeneration.

What’s RE-FI?

Refi is an emerging field of regenerative economics associated with web3. ReFi means regenerative finance, leveraging DeFi (Decentralized finance) to fund projects that are regenerative in nature. This new financial system opens the door to new funding models, new behavioral incentives and new models of human organizing. It has the potential to upgrade how humans coordinate and how we aportion value in our economy.

4 Types of RE-FI projects

RE-FI project so far can be divided into four types all of them have different problems that they tackle from tapping in the carbon credit to fund and help land steward-ownership.

The diversity and the number of projects requires a deep analysis of the objectives and underline strategies that this initiatives aim to reach. 

Here a more comprensive analysis and a map of the existing projects → REFI MAP

How we approach blockchain

We approach this frame with curiosity, open-mind and critical thinking to explore possibilities and limits.

1° Italian RE-FI Exploration event

The event aims to provide a theoretical background on the regenerative frame, blockchain for good, and decentralized/distributed organization.

The conference creates multiple opportunities for members to interact and increases collaboration opportunities through exploratory workshops on different aspects of the topic (e.g. tokenomics, governance, etc.).

Attendees apply to ensure good quality and mix of experience and background. The event is structured, within a relaxed setting, and aims to be a small catalyzing event to gather people willing to cooperate around REFI and DAO topics.

RE-FI Gathering is part of RE-FI Spring a series of events that explore the opportunities of blockchain to scale climate and social impact. 

Other event will happen in Austria, Brazil, US and Portugal connecting different regenerative ecosystem.

Why a RE-FI gathering

This first explorative event aims to brings together different perspectives and to aggregate actors that can make available and cathalyze the different opportunities of RE-FI in terms of regeneration potential.

RE-FI Bologna brings practitioners and project to give a comprehensive vision of what’s going on in the WEB3 space and create meaningful connections among people and organizations in Italy that are working towards a regenerative economy.

Who are the partecipants that benefit from the event:

  • RE-FI Projects 
  • Regenerative Projects
  • Climate and Social Activists
  • Mutual-Sustainable funding 

All the partecipants will have the chance to join the next RE-FI prototype event in december. From exploration to prototype 2° RE-FI event – more info soon

RE-FI Exploration  Program

The program is designed to give vision, theoretical understanding and practical knowledge to be applied through workshop.